Thursday, May 17, 2007


a- Tina and Will had similar interest when they were in College. That reason explains why got along very well during the time they were studying at the College. What a pity that they had to leave away. The statement is true.
b- false
c- false
a- Two expression that means we liked each othefr immediately.
We clicked right away.
We hit it off right away.
b- An expression that means we have similar interests.
We had a lot in common.
c- An expression that means we enjoyed each other's company.
We got along very well at the college.
d- An expression that means we got to know each other very well.
We became close friends.
e- An expression that means we argued.
We had a few arguments a couple of times about the housework.
f- Two expressions that means we became more distance from each other.
We went our separate ways

We've drifted apart.
g- An expression that means I know I can count on her When I need a friend.
She'll always be there for me.

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