Saturday, July 07, 2007

Some considerations about using a blogger

What's up everyone! Please read this:
I want to express some considerations about the strategies for teaching and learning English I have learnt since I am in this teachers college in Maracay.

For example, the presentation we made in the first sem, named English on line or E-mail experience. Although, I thought they were difficult to do it, after familiaring with them, I think they were an excellent way to improve our English.

I normally use posters, debates, group activities, draws, music, songs and games to teach. But the idea on apply internet for teaching is really spectacular because it attracts the attention of young children and teens. I'm really not very experienced using a computer because I treat with it at my own rythm. But when I sit in front of a computer to work, I really let my creativity free to create so many things.

Well, I congratulate to the teacher Manuel for applying computer because they are a valuable tool to teach and learn a strange language.

Ubaldo Gandica

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