Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hello there, engineering students from UNIPAP - Valencia.
Material de lectura para ser utilizado en clase el próximo martes 02 de diciembre de 2014.


  1. Copy and paste in word office. Luego print it.
  2. Lea el text hasta saber de que se trata el texto (no lo va a traducir en una hoja ni nada que se le parezca)
  3. Traer to class para el workshop a realizar de 20%
The Engineering of Beer

Beer has existed for thousands of years. During its long history its popularity has changed considerably in response to technological advancements and social pressures. Although beer was created before the science behind it was understood, the process of making beer can be thought of as a series of chemical engineering tasks that includes separation processes and biochemical reactions. Although chemical engineers work in large breweries, many smaller breweries and microbreweries employ senior beer makers known as brewmasters. While not trained as engineers, brewmasters use much of the same equipment and many of the same skills that chemical engineers employ every day.

Although beer has been around for thousands of years and was most likely discovered by accident, the modern day production of beer is highly complicated and can only be accurately described by science. The practice of brewing has evolved from a routine trial and error method to a much more precise process thanks to chemical engineers and brewers alike.
Adapted by Ubaldo Gandica.
Publish on November, 25 2014.

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